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... to the ancient rice cooker


this picture pretty much sums up my entire journal.

its full of ryo(and Uchi and Kanjani8 in general). there's also some photoshop/photo-manipulation that i do(if you can take this, you can take anything), and thus! resulting in photomanipulated Ryo like the one on top. XD otherwise it's pretty damn black-and-white-times-new-roman level of boring. XD

this is just my fangirling journal for icons, photoshopped stuffs, fics, and flailing. ♥ i fangirl Ryo and Uchi to the extent of kicking them and turning them into girls.

caution: i bash KT and NeWs/NewS/nEwS/NEWS/uchi-haters with a passion.

and i'd like to keep small snarky f-list(so that I wouldn't offend too many people in a go lol) so please not to be offended even if i don't add you back.

anybodycantop/ryo, crack, fic, ginzura, honjani, icons, jay chou, je, kanjani8, leeching off chinese webbys, maru/ryo, nishikido ryo, ohkura/ryo, pirating songs off internetz, psycho!ryo, psycho!uchi, ryouchi, suka j, uchi hiroki, uchi/ryo, uke!ryo, write me fics, yoko/ryo, yokoyama yuu